The creative project Elektro Domestik Force was born in Pontedera in 2003.

In 20 years of activity, the group has established itself on the national Urban Art scene, collecting notable collaborations with the most famous international urban artists, with important national design studios, and with large companies such as Ikea, Nissan, Reebok… to then specialise and increase artistic-social participatory paths, becoming the main Italian graffiti crew specialising in collaborations with schools, prisons, hospitals, institutions and associated organisations for the creation of expressive experiences aimed at regenerating specific environments (public and private) and re-educating people in ‘beauty’, understood not only as an aesthetic value, but also as a social value.

Unique in its kind, the EDF project evolves thanks to the specific skills of its members: artists, graffiti artists, writers, videomakers, photographers, graphic designers, dj’s, project managers, social media managers, curators, psychologists, doctors, dancers… and many other professional figures who together seek to bring about change, inspired by a common desire: to help us be the way of our dreams.

In 2018, EDFcrew published the Manifesto of Social Art, which was presented at the national ST.AR.T (Roads/Art/Territory) conference at the Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan. The manifesto is a declaration of intent and a definition of interests that describes and identifies the crew and its work. Besides the well-known skills expressed in the world of Urban Art or Interior Design, the crew’s path has always been strongly characterised by a certain social value: in 2010, with the project ‘Colouring the Darkness’, they received the honorary citizenship of the city of Corleone, also collaborating with Rita Borsellino and the anti-mafia social cooperative ‘Lavoro e non solo’.

In 2012, the usual project was brought to Casal di Principe at the Theatre of Legality, then to Casapesenna and Santa Maria alla Fossa.

Since 2015, Tuscany’s Urban Colors Correction project has united 21 Tuscan municipalities in a circuit of murals created in neglected public spaces (Schools, Ex-Cinema, Parks…)

In 2016 they realised (together with students) Europe’s largest mural ever on a school complex at the ITT Marco Polo in Florence.

They realised a project for the Cisanello Liver Transplant Centre, one for Emergency with the extraordinary participation of Simonetta Gola. With the project “La scritta che buca” (“The writing that pierces”) they realised a large mural, following a co-design with the inmates, on the entrance façade of the Sollicciano Prison – Gozzini Institute in Florence.

The communicative adaptability of the crew members leads them to live a social commitment, real adventures in the unknown environments in which they are called upon to intervene. There are hundreds of projects they have carried out and each of these is certainly a mark that has remained not only drawn on the wall, but also on the people who live in those environments. Their interventions in fact, for years now, always end with a big inaugural party involving the members of the crew from the music to the catering and the inhabitants of the place that hosts them.

(Text and photos edited by my great friend and Artistic Director Nico ” Lopez” Bruchi)