Cheste - Spagna - 2022

This work was created in Cheste, a town near Valencia, which hosted for the 7th time the Graffitea Cheste festival organised by the great artist Espinar Toni with the invaluable help of his colleague EleMan. I spent a fantastic few days, among heat, painting, beer and laughter accompanied by my work. This piece is located in the old helmet of the city, where the Moors, to whom the piece is dedicated, once lived. In fact, it depicts a mulatto girl immersed in exotic nature, surrounded by symbols and references to those beautiful lands fused with Spanish tradition. I want to sincerely thank the citizens of the Barrio who hosted my work and the artists with whom I shared this beautiful experience Medianeras, Alessiainart Salvaje Selva, Tardor, Davidedpa, Espinar Toni, Dridali, Lian, Samuela.