Villaggio Norge - 2021

This project was realised in Veneto in Polesine in a small fishing village called Villaggio Norge. This work is part of the Deltarte itinerant festival, conceived by Melania Ruggini, who for ten years has been involved in the redevelopment of the area, supported by the Art Flood association. This village was chosen as a stop-off point for the project because unfortunately for many years it has been undergoing severe depopulation, with the local population now down to no more than 300 inhabitants. This mural speaks of humanity, rebirth and memory. It is dedicated to the solidarity that Norway had towards this people in 1951, when after a very strong flood that destroyed a large part of this land, they came to the rescue and rebuilt the village. For this historical fact, I decided to make a Scandinavian girl walking along the Po Delta towards a more united and prosperous future.