Arezzo 2023

This project on the wall of the @unisiena Humanities Library is housed in the Pionta Park in Arezzo. It is part of the 'Genius, Loci, memory, identity: realising a cultural presidium in the Pionta Park (GEM)'. This work is aimed at the future, at new generations, at knowledge while keeping the past in mind. In the foreground we find a girl symbolising the future, she could be a scientist, a student or a professor, no one knows, the eye of the beholder will find its answer... what matters is the inner quest. This place, once a former neuropsychiatric hospital, has been redeveloped and transformed into the University we know today, I think it is necessary to remember the history of a place and to want to honour it, which is why I have included Marco Cavallo in the work. I would like to thank Professor Francesca Bianchi for making this project possible, all the people who helped us in the design and especially @nico_lopez_bruchi my colleague and brother, who decided to assist me in the realisation! Without him none of this would have been possible.





Ph: @nico_lopez_bruchi