This project was born thanks to the trust of Simone Priori, Director of the I PETALI shopping center (Reggio Emilia). The Opera is at the entrance to the north wing of the centre, created during the Keith Haring exhibition. The SAUVAGE mural talks about the wildness that is in every living creature, about Nature and how it is intrinsically connected to all things. The theme of "return to origins" is not new and certainly much debated at the moment, but urgently necessary. Finding ourselves instinctive, bold, curious, courageous and in a certain sense primitive gives human beings an aspect of authenticity and reality that we often forget we have in our hectic lives. Listening to each other is the focal point of the process and art serves this purpose, to make the user listen to what he observes. The SAUVAGE mural was also possible thanks to the collaboration of several local companies who supported the project by providing their technical and practical experience: Icolors, Caparol, Colormatters, Armonie di colore.





Armonie di Colore