Livorno - 2023

The title "If not us, who?" came from a student's idea in trying to summarise the themes and wishes expressed in class that drove the creative process, such as the desire to create a bright future, to live a life in beauty, our own and others'. Thank you to Principal Ersilio Castorina for making this project possible, to Prof. Monica Isolani, to the A.s.d. Centre Educazione Corporea with President Prof. Vittorio Barbierei, to Prof. Alessandra Pacini, Caparolcenter Tuscany, to our videomaker Carlo Settembrini for these beautiful photos, to my crew Elektro Domestik Force, and of course to the students who gave colour and joy to the school: Carolina Franceschi 3F: carolinafranceschi_ Alice Disgraziati 3F: aalice.ddisgra Aurora Lo Giudice 4M Irene Ginevra 4M Olga Corsini 3C Giulia 3I Aurora Trambusti 3C Jacopo Ferretti 4N Annamaria Mannini 3F Giovanni Micheli 3C


Caparol Tuscany

Ph: Carlo Settembrini