The narrative starts from the first side, dedicated to Margherita Hack, a great Florentine scientist who influenced the last century through her research. Hack, in addition to being an institution in the Cepheid field, was a woman who fought for her ideas and marked an era. The famous scientist is portrayed riding her bike, riding the clouds of passion and knowledge. The book is the allegory that provides curtain to the story. This liberating action starts from a book, symbol of knowledge, from which a page emerges that transforms into a road of clouds, accompanying the scientist and her knowledge through time, space, and marking a path for the new generations . The path of passion and knowledge traced by Margherita continues on the second wall. A girl is escorted towards a group of other women scientists who rest their feet, their foundations on Athena's hand. Together they raise their hands to the sky towards the symbol of scientific research, which in the work resembles a star. Thanks to all the people who made it possible: Municipality of Padua - Agos - Brandforthecity - Ass. Cult. Milleunarcella - Sportcity Foundation


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